Lumia 550 First Impressions

I got my hands on a Microsoft Lumia 550 this week. The phone was released in December of last year, and it’s my first Windows phone of any kind. I bought it in part to replace my annoying Alcatel OneTouch Idol X and partly because I wanted to try something different. It wasn’t overly expensive so I thought if it didn’t work out, I wouldn’t have lost too much.

Fortunately, the first day has been great. Only one problem has come up – I cannot charge the phone with the wall charger (European spec, but they included a converter in the box).

On to the good stuff. The phone looks good, feels good, it’s responsive, the operating system doesn’t look or feel old, and everything that I used to do on the Android phone has an equivalent. Everything that I have tried so far, that is. The removable battery and SD-card slot are great things to have too.

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