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At my workplace, zedIT, our development team has been holding a quarterly half-day seminar session for the past few years. It’s an opportunity for us to get together and talk about what we are doing on our respective projects, or what we have learned outside work in our own career/professional development. In a distributed work environment where the developers are often allocated to separate projects, it’s also a rare opportunity to network and socialize. I never* miss it.

Today I ran the session for the first time. (I took over the reins a few months ago.) In addition, I gave a talk about an algorithm that I created in a project I am working on. The talk went fairly well, although I still need to polish my public speaking skills. Maybe if I had finished the talk more than 12 hours before I gave it, I might have had time to practice!

The other talks covered topics such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, Communications in Change Management, Browser Local Storage and NoSQL. It’s great to be able to take work time to learn about things that we would otherwise have to do on our own, which is often hard to do with the busy lives we lead these days.

I expect I’ll run the community for at least a couple of years, depending on when and whether there is someone else interested in taking it over.

* And now that I am in charge of it, it will never be scheduled when I’m on vacation!

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