Here is a succession of screenshots from my upcoming game, Hockey Brass:

The oldest screenshot, from November 2011, or as my brother said, ‘it looks like 1993 threw up on your computer’:

Nov 2011

A couple of months later:

Jan 2012

In early ’12, I ‘iterated’ on the graphics:

Feb 2012

By November of that year, as I prepared for Greenlight on Steam, I polished the graphics a bit more:

Nov 2012

It was quite clear from Steam users that this wasn’t good enough. So I went back to the drawing board. The next screenshot is from February 2017. In this case, I changed the home screen to show the standings by default instead of a dashboard-style approach as I had done previously.

The teams are all parody/knockoffs of NHL teams, instead of randomly chosen city-nickname-logo combos from previous iterations.

Mar 2017

Better. But not good enough. More polish (November 2017). “1993 Vomit Brother” suggested I use more material design techniques, and they seem to have helped. Many of the graphics are now procedural instead of from files.

Nov 2017

Is this adequate? Time will tell.

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